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Sagaranella tylicolor


Shropshire Fungi Checklists

Fungi record for 2021

Useful Websites

21st Century Guidebook to Fungi

Second edition. An online, comprehensive text book of general fungal biology.


Terminology Glossary

Glossary of some of the terms used in describing mushrooms.


Terminology Meanings

The origins and meanings of latin fungal names.


Fungi Forum

A forum for fungi enthusiasts - help to identify your fungus.


Fungal Database

Fungal Record Database of Britain & Ireland.

Identifying Features

Gives useful information on what features to look for when trying to identify a mushroom.


The British Mycological Society

The BMS is an organisation for those working, studying or interested in mycology. Its field mycology section is particularly useful for information on Microscopy and the English Names for fungi.


Sortable Fungi Information

Pictures, descriptions, taxonomic history, habitat and distribution information on more than 600 fungi species are available via their Sortable Index Table.


Mycenas of Northern Europe. Photographs and descriptions by Arne Aronsen.



Photo gallery of many species of fungi.



Website devoted to Boletes and to introducing people to this fascinating group of larger fungi.



Website dedicated to Ascomycota. This site presents collections data posted in its database by AscoFrance members, i.e over 5000 macro or micro pictures, nomenclatural and bibliographical references.


Russulas and Lactarius

Website for the identification of Russulas & Lactarius



Website dedicated to Waxcaps.

How to Identify

Gives clear and easily followed advice on how to identify your fungus; how to collect, field characteristics, when you get home, milk colour & taste, smells, taking photos for identification, microscopic characteristics and microscopy techniques.

Video on Macroscopic Features of Fungi

Best Field Guide

Collins Complete Guide to British Mushrooms & Toadstools by Paul Sterry & Barry Hughes

Other Reference Books

  • Collins Fungi Guide by Stefan Buczacki, Chris Shields & Denys Ovenden

  • Mushrooms by Roger Phillips

  • Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe Vol 1, 2 & 3 by Geoffrey Kibby

  • Fungi of Temperate Europe Vol 1 & 2 by Thomas Laessoe & Jens H. Peterson

  • Poiroid Fungi of Europe by L. Ryvarden & I. Melo

  • Funga Nordica, editors Henning Knudsen & Jan Vesterhol

Technical Links

Microscopes and Accessories

Reagent Supplies

Nature Trusts and Organisations

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Caring for God's Acre

Middle Marches Community Land Trust

Historical PDFs

Origins of the Shropshire Fungus Group

Records from the past

James Edward Vize, Shropshire Mycologist 1869 - 1910

William Houghton, Shropshire Mycologist 1829 - 1895

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