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Stereum hirsutum, Hairy Curtain Crust


We welcome new members and suggest you come along to a foray to meet us and see what we get up to. You can then decide if you want to join officially. Should you decide to join, the annual fee is £5.00. Please contact the Membership Secretary before attending a foray or for further information about the group.

Please note that membership of the group implies acceptance of our General Data Protection Regulations policy, permitting us to store and use your data as explained here.

We have a varied amount of experience and skills but all share a passion and interest for fungi. Some of us are beginners, some have greater expertise and have published articles on fungi. Some of us have microscopes to help with further identification and some prefer just to identify in the field. Some of us just like to take photographs of the fungi. Whatever your level of interest you are welcome to join the group.

Taphrina alni, Alder Tongue Gall
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