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Flammulaster muricatus


Every autumn we conduct a series of forays around Shropshire, sometimes there's a spring foray. These are attended by people who delight at being out in nature as well as searching for exciting fungi.


As a group, we foray rather than forage. A foray is a way for us to meet and explore an area with the goal of identifying and recording as many fungi as we can. The aim of a foray is to connect with nature, share knowledge, learn from others and gather information which can help understand our local flora. The records will then be fed into a nationwide database, which connects with other fungus groups, to paint a picture of the fungi we host in this beautiful country we live in.


Please note, this is a draft and is subject to change. Joining instructions will follow.

You can join our mailing list to be notified of changes or keep an eye on this page.

We encourage non-members to attend a foray before deciding to join the group, but since membership only costs £5.00 for a year, we encourage you to join the group and have access to all our activities.

  • Children are welcome but might need extra vigilance due to uneven ground

  • Dogs on fixed leads may be allowed on some sites

  • Most members of the group are concerned with conservation and generally do not collect edibles

Beginners are welcome at all forays. Detailed directions to foray meeting points, terrain and accessibility of sites can be obtained by following the links above or contacting our Secretary.

A Foray Risk Assessment document can be viewed here. It is advisable to confirm with the leader that the foray is taking place, as on extremely rare occasions forays have had to be changed at short notice.


While some of these are optional, they're all useful. It's important to bring food and drink as forays can go on until the late afternoon.

  • Basket or compartmented plastic box

  • Paper bags, not plastic, to wrap fungi

  • Camera with macro lens

  • Penknife (on lanyard)

  • Field guide

  • Magnifying loupe (eye lens)

  • Notebook and pencil

  • Food and drink

  • Basic first aid kit including wet wipes

  • A means of telling the time

  • Strong footwear


  • 'Sign in' with the person taking the roll at the start of the foray. If you leave early, please tell the foray leaders(s) before commencing.

  • Heed all instructions given by the foray leader(s) and always keep the foray leader(s) in sight.

  • Do not pick or touch anything without first seeking advice.

  • Never put anything in or near your mouth (unless invited to by the foray leader) and always wash your hands after a foray, or even during with wet-wipes etc.

  • Please supervise your children at all times.

  • Observe the Countryside Code at all times; fasten all gates, take any litter home, do not dig up or pick wildflowers etc.

Any further information can be obtained by contacting the Secretary.


One of our members created a reel to visually add to the information above. We hope to see you soon!

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